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Tokyo Expert Office Tokyo

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Shimbashi Expert Office

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Shinagawa Expert Office Shinagawa

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Shibuya Expert Office Shibuya

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Kojimachi Expert Office Kojimachi

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Nakano Expert Office Nakano CP

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Yaesu +OURS Yaesu/Tokyo Station

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Yaesu Yaesu
Shinjuku +OURS Shinjuku

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Set Up Office Tokyo

Toranomon Expert Office Toranomon

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Toranomon Toranomon

SaitamaSaitama Prefecture

Omiya Expert Office Omiya

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KanagawaKanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama Expert Office Yokohama

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Shin-Yokohama Expert Office Shin-Yokohama

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Shin-Yokohama Shin- Yokohama

AichiAichi Prefecture

Nagoya Expert Office Nagoya

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OsakaOsaka Prefecture

Osaka Expert Office Osaka Umeda

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Umeda Umeda

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About Expert Office

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Providing an office environment equivalent to a large office


By sharing meeting rooms and reception spaces that are infrequently used, move-in costs and rent can be significantly reduced.
By using the enrollment deposit method with a security deposit equivalent to 10 months of regular rent, it is possible to reduce the initial cost of moving in by up to 80%.

Individual business owners can also move in.
Individual business owners can also move in.
You can use the facilities and services at all locations, including corporate registration.
Ideal for satellite offices
Everything you need for your office is included, from communications infrastructure to furniture and fixtures. This is an environment where you can start working immediately from the day you move in.

Ideal for short- to medium-term


You can start your project in a comfortable, high-grade office space without arranging office furniture or tedious layout work. The size of the room can be changed depending on the size of the project.

We also have an hours room where you can comfortably spend your lunch time.

In a high-grade


The large lounge can be used as a third place.
Premium offices in good locations at reasonable prices.
Of course, registration is also possible.

No lounge time restrictions.
Office available 24 hours.
Visitor support included in the price.

Start a business in a premium location without renting an office


You can use addresses in premium locations such as Nihonbashi, Uchisaiwaicho, Kojimachi, Shibuya, and Shinagawa to register, receive mail, use lounges and conference rooms as needed, and accommodate visitors. Additionally, you can use a dedicated telephone number and telephone secretarial service (optional).

Various plans available
For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy the same functionality and equipment as a large office.
Lounge and conference room also available
You can use the lounge and conference room as needed for guests, meetings, etc. ※option

For inquiries by phone: 0120-587-560 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30 *This is the phone number exclusively for viewing reservations. For inquiries to the store, please call the store directly.

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